Official Record is an assortment of amusing, thoughtful, and weird content that reveals our innate interconnectedness. I consider this an attempt to reflect on how preserving and upholding connections (with each other, with the land, with art) can counter the ways in which internalized capitalism has fractured our sense of community support and care.

In sharing small curiosities, cultural and personal traditions, and strange mundanities, I hope to compound evidence of a greater communal lineage and commitment to one another. Some weeks, Official Record may provide you with a single poem that sticks to the brain; other weeks, you could receive a family recipe or personal anecdote; a series of artworks to consider; a film; a question.

Beyond sharing work that I enjoy or review, Official Record is also a place for critically reimagining the institutional spaces that often shape our artistic and cultural approaches to thinking and seeing; as such, I will organize free workshops where we can engage together in different forms of community learning.

Official Record is released on a relaxed timeline. It’s very official. I hope you enjoy!

Melina Sabeti-Mehr is an arts programmer, curator, former cinephile, and current tahdig apprentice. Find her online through her instagram or website. Find her offline walking on the sunny side of the street with her goofy dog.

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On the strange ways we're connected and how these connections preserve and uphold community building and care.


community programmer, arts curator, researcher!